Finally a moment of rest. Everybody has left. I thought it would never end. I don't know what got into mother's head. Inviting all those strangers in our house! Now, let's do some cleaning up. Guests sure make a mess.


Ever since the beginning of the year, I've had this strange feeling of uneasiness. On the one hand it feels like nothing is changing anymore, like the entire world is frozen. And on the other it feels like something big is going to happen. Something spectacular. My ears are ringing with the sound of an orchestra tuning the instruments in preparation for a symphony. It's maddening!

I got lost

On my way to grandmother this morning, I was struck by a peculiar light coming from between the trees. I could have sworn I heard music too. So I set off to investigate. I must have walked further than I realized, as I was mesmerized by the strange occurrence. Suddenly, when I looked back, I could not see the path anymore. No panic. I quickly searched my pockets for the map I usually carry -an ugly thing, but very efficient nonetheless. But my pockets were gone! Then I remembered that I had decided not to wear my coat since it was a lovely day. No coat, no pockets, no map.

Luckily I have a good sense of direction and found my way back without too much trouble. The thought of losing my way in that dreary forest sends shivers down my spine.

I'm still wondering what that strange light was, though. But it's really not worth getting lost over.


I went to the opera yesterday. It was exhilarating! It's so invigorating to know that such beauty can still exist. I think I will pick up my piano lessons again. I must get better at playing!

Burning sun

It has been so hot this week. And it doesn't look like it's going to cool off any time soon. I don't mind a warm day now and then. I don't even mind extreme heat in Summer. But it's only May! I worry. I saw this documentary the other day about the greenhouse effect. Is this warm May the result of that? Is this the beginning of the end? Will we all end in this undignified manner, sweaty and bothered?

You'd think this kind of weather would do wonders for the gloomy forest surrounding grandmother's house. But no. Nothing seems to be able to penetrate that odd dark foliage. Ironically, if the world comes to an end, the loathed forest may become our only refuge against the damaging UV rays of a sun out of control. I'm not looking forward to that.


Sisters are funny.
I tell them about my plan to start a journal about the things that happen in our family and before I can even get started, they jump on the internet and start journals of their own. Now we have these complete mess of kids babbling on about school and dead birds. As if anyone cares.

So typical of my mother to not do anything about this! Children should just not spend that much time in front of the computer. They should go out and play.